This year has been quite a wild ride especially for those couples who are planning their wedding. Zeroing down on a particular date has left many yet to wed couples in a great dilemma due to this pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

On one hand, the families cannot bear the losses they have to face at the last moment when suddenly any restrictions are made on the guest count or any state lockdown is announced. And on the other hand, the problems that the couples have to face for how many times the wedding dates has to be changed on the wedding invitation cards.

“Change is Inevitable” this famous quote is undoubtedly very true especially in the case of wedding cards.  There was a time when families used to hand write their wedding invitation messages and personally invite their beloved guests. Later printed cards came into being and replaced the hand-written cards that took over a lot of time from design selection to printing. And now thanks to this pandemic a new trend has been revolving in the market that is ‘Digital Invitation Cards’.

Digital invitation cards are super easy and interesting to design and it saves a lot of time and money as it can be mailed to the invitees in no time thus keeping in mind with the coronavirus norms.

There are a number of Benefits of Digital Invitation Cards that offers to the host of the event as well as to the invitees including:

Going Digital with a wedding invitation is a very kind thing that we can do for mother earth. A lot of paper is used in printing a traditional invitation card. Going paperless saves trees and in turn the planet. In fact, sending digital cards via email to guest saves the fuel and energy used in traveling to give away cards that may cause pollution.

Digital invitation cards actually saves a lot of money in many ways such as digital cards are comparatively economical than traditional cards. Even indirectly the money is saved as digital cards means no postal and fuel charges and this money can be utilized in other wedding preparations.

Digital invitation cards are very easy and quick to make within few days and can be sent in just one click thus saving your valuable time and energy. The extra important time can be utilized in other wedding preparations and shopping.

Nowadays digital invitation cards are trendy also making your wedding ceremony much memorable delightful and even the guest would be surprised and appreciate your efforts for going digital.

With the help of Album Xpress ed iting software, even you can create one digital invitation card for your big day in no time. Album Xpress makes your digital card much more adorable and amazing with readymade templates and some interesting fonts to add that makes it more appealing.

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