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Grow your Wedding Photography Business with Easy Marketing Ideas

Grow your Wedding Photography Business with Easy Marketing Ideas

May 25, 2022

The wedding photography industry is quite challenging and survival seems difficult at times. But this is what this profession makes more interesting and makes you do things that are out of your comfort zone. The photography business always tests your creativity level and helps you find out new skill sets hidden within you.

However in recent times even though the competition is intense there is a continuous demand from customers to hire the best wedding photographer for their big day. This builds a lot of hopes for many photographers to get landed with an exciting and challenging wedding photoshoot project. This gives them the much-needed opportunity to prove their skills and develop a brand themselves in this industry. 

Starting out as a professional wedding photography business can seem like climbing a hilltop but right now the only foremost condition to survive in this competitive industry is getting well aware about how to market your services.

Let us know some effective marketing ideas that will help you to elevate your wedding photography business, find new clients, and retain existing customers.

Build a Great Wedding Portfolio Website

As a professional wedding photographer, one of the most important things that you cannot neglect is having a good wedding portfolio website. In this digital age, it is the need of the hour for a creative professional to have their own website. Since today a lot of customers find wedding photographers online, you might not want to miss any chance to show up at the right time.

In fact, your Website is the gateway for your prospective customers to get introduced to you and your works of art. A website portfolio can be a superb idea to showcase your previous work experience as a wedding photographer by sharing your best-clicked pictures on the site.

You can even display testimonials and feedbacks from some of your highly satisfied customers that will generate trust amongst your online visitors. And lastly, your website will also contain your contact details making it easy for your site visitors to contact you for any inquiries.

Interact with other Wedding Vendors

Next time when you take up a wedding photography project, make sure to interact with other wedding vendors as well. The trick is some or the other way this informal communication will help you to enable your photography business to next level. It is said that the wedding photography industry is often dominated on the 'Word of Mouth' basis. 

So it is very important that you build connections with DJ/Band, food vendors or venue management, etc, who knows that for your good gesture and your quality work they might refer you to someone for their wedding photoshoot contract.

In fact don't just limit yourself to only non-photography vendors, try to build relationships with opposite party photographers as well. In this way it will be a great learning experience for each other, you can collaborate or team up for a shoot on an occasion or even exchange client referrals when the dates are booked. 

Utilize the Power of Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the most important pillars in your wedding photography business marketing plan. Your social media platforms are a visual representation of the experience that your services can offer to your future clients.

It is said that the more you are visible the more you get business. Today almost the maximum population has access to mobile phones and the internet so it is unlikely to say that social media has become a part and parcel of our daily life. For this, you need to understand where your target audience is present the most and then create accounts on those social media platforms. 

Every social platform serves a different purpose. For example Pinterest and Instagram can work as an online portfolio as well as a medium to generate leads and engage users. Whereas Facebook and Twitter can be a great source to join photography-related groups and forums and here you can start conversations and build your connections there.

Start Building Blogs

Even though writing may not be every photographer's cup of tea but this actually helps in a big way. Having blogs on your website makes your wedding photography portfolio richer and increases your chances of being discovered by couples looking for wedding photographers on search engines.

Blogs also give you the opportunity to showcase your expertise in the industry through sharing some photography tips & tricks, the best photography equipment to use, your wedding shoot experiences, etc. Blogging is a fantastic affordable and scalable promotional strategy that any wedding photographer must opt for. The most ideal suggestion would be that you can publish one or two blogs per week. The more consistent you are, the better the results will be. 

Make your Clients Happy

In the wedding photography business ‘Client Happiness’ is the greatest profit that any wedding photographer can earn. Being a wedding photographer it becomes your duty to make every couple feel special on their big day. Weddings are one of the most sacred and memorable events that happen in the entire life of every couple. 

Apart from wedding photoshoots and album delivery, you can find out more ideas to let your clients have a delightful experience with your services. For this, you can gift your clients with personalized calendars, cups, pillows, t-shirts, a photo collages, or else simply a congratulations card. These kinds of small sweet gestures will be like a cherry on the cake with your clients getting overjoyed and eventually would not leave a chance to refer your name to others for their wedding photography contract.

Be a Versatile Wedding Photographer

Don’t be afraid to take up challenges, the wedding photography industry is very creative giving you a lot of space to explore new areas and prove your skills. A versatile photographer is what today most of the couples prefer and choose to hire.

Don’t just limit yourself to shooting weddings only but also allow yourself to take up pre-wedding shoots as well. Invest yourself with a good auto album designing software and design albums as well. In this way, you can save much of the extra cost that you would incur in hiring an album designer and other related costs.


Hope these marketing tips would help you to sail through your wedding photography business journey. With the deliberate time and efforts given to marketing your business, will help you create to become a well-known wedding photographer and customers would love to hire you for their next wedding photoshoot.

How to Take your Professional Wedding Photography Business to Next Level

How to Take your Professional Wedding Photography Business to Next Level

May 04, 2022

The wedding photography business in India has been evolving at a rapid speed. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. Today the advancement of wedding photography has opened up many doors of opportunities to pro and amateur photographers. In fact, there is a huge number of photographers right now specializing in different areas of photography.

With the increased competition and potential demands from customers, the wedding photography business seems to be quite challenging. In India, tons of weddings happen the whole year and there is a constant battle between the photographers to grab an exciting wedding photography contract and stand out the best from the rest with their stunning photo captures and unique wedding album designs.

If you are a wedding photographer or are already a pro then the one of a kind remedy to survive in this competitive photography industry is you must develop an attitude of professionalism and treat your clients with good behavior.

This article will guide you on how you can multiply your professional wedding photography business to a new level by following these easy 5 pro tips.

Keep the Paperwork Sorted

Professional wedding photographers often follow a process that begins with meeting with the clients, touching upon some client requirements, on-floor execution, and finally the wedding album delivery. 

Clients are very vulnerable and they often get easily trapped by influencive members of their family or friends and they may cancel your contract at the last moment as a photographer for their big day and might hire some other photographer.

To avoid any last minute disheartening and your schedule getting upside down, it is better to clear out certain legalities right after you meet your clients for the first time. 

You must enter into a legal paperwork with your potential clients to avoid the last moment slipping out on great client orders. It will stay as a proof and accordingly you can plan out your dates with other clients.

Develop the ability to say “NO”

As a wedding photographer during peak season, it's easy for you to get flooded with new work and clients. But saying yes to all, especially when you don't have the manpower and equipment to resume any of the new work. This kind of situation can land you in great trouble, in fact, it will hamper your relations with your new clients as well as potential referral clients.

The wedding photography business is greatly survived on the word of mouth publicity, and you would definitely not want to generate negative feedback from your clients regarding reaching late to the venue or missing out on certain rituals to capture. 

For this, It's better to accept orders as per your capacity and the availability of dates for you to plan and execute in order to avoid last-minute confusion and hassles.

Interact with the Full Family

When we think of Indian weddings, the only thing that comes to our mind is a 'Big Fat Glittery Festival'. It is more of a kind of celebration with people of all ages enjoying the wedding with great pomp and splendor. 

At this moment you as a photographer would not want to miss out on some important person or people from getting clicked. It is said that Indian weddings are more of a family affair than the bride and the groom.

So as an Indian wedding photographer, you must know that once the initial booking is done, your job is to not just interact with the couple but also with the full family and what their requirements are! This helps you to capture the wedding better as you know how important which family member is.

When you interact with the family members you get to know more about their culture and traditions which would ultimately help you in easy execution and catch hold of the proper timeline of events that are going to happen.

Learn to Keep the Balance

Wedding season especially in India begins in two phases October to December and one from April to May. During these times wedding photographers are extremely busy right from instructing couples to pose for the best shot to designing beautiful wedding albums and delivering it within the time frame to the newly married couples.

This is where you need to balance out your work. You need to give your mind and body the required rest too. The balancing act is what every wedding photographer should aim to learn. When your mind and body is at peace you would come up with more creative ideas to capture the best romantic moments between the couple. It's better to do a few weddings, then mix it up with a pre-wedding shoot or declare a day as a rest day to strike that balance. 

Live with your Commitments

You'll be surprised to know that a wedding photography business is more than just capturing photographs. There is a hell lot of post-work involved right from photo selection, editing, managing and ultimately designing the token of love called the wedding album that is cherished by the couples and their family members for a lifetime.

It has been seen, that there is a tendency of Indian photographers they click photos but do not deliver the albums on time, sometimes the album designing orders are not completed at all for years. This is the harsh reality that any photographer can come across but, eventually, this can be overruled with the advancement of today's technology and the availability of smart software in place.

You may find a lot of album designing software in the market that may claim to make your album designing workflow easy and time-saving. As an album designer, you must choose a software that offers flexibility with inbuilt features that not only saves your time but also lets you explore creativity at its best.

And one such software is DgFlick’s Album Xpress

Album Xpress software is the most loved and favorite Album designing software chosen by thousands of photographers and designers. It is a complete album designing software that comes in as a pack of 4 different smart software.

With Album Xpress software you can easily edit, sort, and manage photos, design beautiful albums with ready templates and decors. And that’s not all you can even easily proof your album with your clients and make revisions with quick access to comments on the go while you update album designs.

So hope this article would have helped you to get aware of how this wedding photography industry works and what points you need to follow to set your name as a professional wedding photographer in this industry. Eventually with the right photography equipment in place and with the right team and not to forget the right album designing software can help you to ace your wedding photography business to new heights. 

Top 7 Tips to Design a Memorable Wedding Photo Album

Top 7 Tips to Design a Memorable Wedding Photo Album

Apr 20, 2022

A wedding photo album has to be nothing short of perfect and unforgettable. After all, it will be the one telling the story of the wedding as it unfolds every precious moment of the special day. 

So you are always on your mission to deliver a wedding album that is beautiful, and modern at the same time bring a wide smile to your client's face as they witness page by page walking down the memory lane.

A photo album is also considered as the best advertisement and PR that any wedding photographer could hope for. Make it count and you too will score a place in future client recommendations.

In the photography business, networking and word-of-mouth publicity is very important as it helps you to create a unique place in the market, and in this way you can even set a signature design style for your special regular customers.

Now let’s learn some interesting tips to design a memorable wedding album in minimum time bringing great results for you.

Choose the Best Shots

Of course, the clients will have their favorites. However, nothing can beat a photographer’s instincts and proficiency in that area. A professional eye will choose technically perfect clicks and objective images that capture the main events as well as the lovable moments of the couple.

Candid shots are creating a lot of buzz in the wedding album market. Choose the best detail, shots that capture the mood, décor, food and dress-up subtleties, and portrait shots of family and wedding party.

Keep the compositions loose and consider cropping and editing at the time of sorting photos or while designing Use less complex and fast software like Edit Xpress for photo sorting and editing to save your time.

Tell the Story in the Perfect Timeline

You must arrange the photos in the sequence of the events that occurred. Tell the story with the required build-up right up to the ultimate moment. This cannot be denied that the main wedding day is the star but so are the many preliminary events which also need to be taken into consideration.

Consider the sequence of rituals while designing the album what comes first should be on the first page. Some advanced software comes with the feature of timestamp that arranges photos automatically time-wise on album pages instantly and then use text cliparts and slogans to explain rituals. Keep décor ready and handy, sorted wedding wise to use it as and when needed.

Arrivals of faraway relatives and old friends, the sangeet rehearsal, the catching up on cocktail parties, friends goofing up on the Haldi ceremony, the buzz of the bridesmaids and the groom’s men, the first dance, the cake cutting, and so on. As the special day progresses through the photos, the wedding album will be a treasure chest of fond stories.

Use Different Page Layouts

Design a mixed layout and choose multiple size formats for wedding photo albums. Photographers and videographers, especially those dealing with wedding clients, always suggest that an important moment should be aptly highlighted.

This means that clients really become happy & get engrossed to view their main event glimpses from a larger angle. So you must think of a full-page spread for the 'groom's baraat entry' moment or call attention to the 'mangal phera' and 'sindoor' moments with a double-page story. 

Interesting and playful layouts, different sizes, and arrangements make wedding albums visually appealing. It also makes for a memorable album that plays up important aspects, and also provides spaces for fun and exciting memories. This is a key to creating a really good wedding album.

Go for a Customized Album Cover

Personalize the wedding album to make it expressly mirror your client’s preferences. Choose a custom cover in your budget and that will make your clients and their family and friends automatically reach for it.

A wedding album is an emotional record, go for a cover that would speak to the couple. Think of an acrylic cover with their favorite photo, an acrylic window at the center of the album, or a wooden plate on a leatherette cover with embossed initials, date, etc.

Wedding Album Cover

Ace the Perfect Wedding Album with a Presentation Boxes

Wedding albums have a certain sacredness and should be treated as such. Presentation boxes elevate wedding albums into a legacy that is considered priceless and cherished for a lifetime.

Before you start designing get the idea from printing labs about the possible accessories and costs of the latest trendy album types. Make sure you check the durability and portability of the kit you are offering.

Apart from protection, they also add a touch of luxury, and exclusiveness to them. From leather and transparent acrylic boxes to boxes with velcro or clutch, presentation boxes skyrocket the wedding album game to the next level.

Offer the Best Designed Wedding Album

The best-designed wedding album easily speaks good deeds about a photographer's dedication to his or her craft. They also make a great impression on clients who realize how practical and poetically beautiful they are.

Work smart! keep signature design albums ready in Project / Template form and you can just replace photos of previous weddings with a new wedding with a similar theme and the album is ready. Use Advance designing software containing a feature that allows you to re-use existing designed projects

A memorable wedding album shows how you as a photographer have worked fold by fold and honored their big day. It deserves to be displayed as a souvenir that matches all the effort and emotion that went into it.

Use a Quality Album Designing Software

Lastly but a very crucial point to be noted is that the software which you use to design albums must be of top quality. Use licensed software to avoid legal actions against piracy. The software should be less complicated, providing ease in designing, filled with the latest technology offering advanced tools helping you to work smart and covering all your needs.

It should be within the budget, come up with regular upgrades beneficial to you, and lastly a software that offers proper training and after-sale service. Dgflick's has a great range of software for the photo industry helping 600000+ photographers and designers across the globe with their smart fast easy and most affordable software. Album Xpress Pack is a perfect combo of software that completes all the above points discussed. Try for free

Final Thoughts

Hope these tips would help you ace your album designing game. Being into the photography industry, capturing wedding scenes and then putting them into an album is a never-ending trend. 

Mastering the art of designing attractive and trendy album pages really paves a long way to create your mark in this industry and lets you set new ways to generate revenue. So get inspired by top-notch album designers and create your own unique style quotient to earn more by designing more.



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