Wedding pictures are the most cherished collectibles for everyone in their life. There are so many memorable moments, ceremonies, and traditions in a single wedding function that the bride and groom may want to share all of them with their family and friends. Wedding video highlights can help everyone to document beautiful wedding memories. Making video highlights of weddings may help to involve loved ones and get excited about the wedding. Making instant video highlights from wedding albums is easy and can be done within minutes through tools available online or our quick-and-easy Video Xpress.

It's easy to see why video highlights of weddings are becoming more common and popular. They're versatile, customizable and set the pictures in motion! The perks of making video highlights online are many. All one has to do is import the wedding photos into Video Xpress, select the design and edit the photos into the video maker.  To give a more lively touch, add favorite songs, audio clips, or the music and in a few minutes, the wedding video highlight is ready to be shared!  It also allows to add effects to the photos like Blur, Glow, Opacity, Shadow, etc. One of the ways to make the video more personal is by matching the video theme to the wedding colors! Adding text and messages to the clips can help to express emotional feelings more enjoyably.

Making instant video highlights is a fun process that requires little to no hard work if correct software is used. Giving guests highlights of the wedding with customized messages in the form of a video can elevate a simple wedding. But it is important to make necessary arrangements for taking pictures beforehand by; Asking guests to take pictures, adding disposable cameras to bouquets, or hiring a photographer. 

So it's time to bring your wedding highlights together once you've collected all the photos. Our simple wedding video maker will give weddings a lovely and professional touch. Video Xpress is simple to use and allows to drag and drop images directly into the video. It allows users to quickly trim and add sweet songs in the background and customize transitions,  colors, fonts, audio, and more. To see how mesmerizing  video highlights created from a wedding album will look like, see this demo video: 


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