A Corporate Calendar is a common official calendar for a whole company/organization. It marks the various items/dates that affect the whole company. For example, the date of General body meeting, dividend declaration date, annual Christmas party and earnings report, etc.

Corporate Calendar designing can be your passive income source when you are off-board from your usual working season. DgFlick’s CalendarXpress is the only software that makes it possible for you to earn more in less time with its three go-to automated features like company logo imposition, customized date blocks, and quick event list import directly from excel.

Now let us explain how you as a legit photographer can find your pathway to earn more by designing a corporate calendar for any company. Many small and big companies every year launch their corporate calendars showcasing their annual important dates throughout the year. Their main requirements usually consist of a calendar with their company logo along with some customized date blocks depicting their important days and holidays.

With the use of DgFlick’s CalendarXpress software, you can easily inculcate your client's requirements very swiftly and in the most unique way. CalendarXpress software can be your perfect partner to earn more in less time as with this software you can design any type of corporate calendar within minutes with pre-integrated calendar years up to 100 themes and designs.

Also, there are some interesting features that can help you ace your creativity work i.e you can make revisions in your designs, and also you can rapidly import all holiday and corporate event lists directly through excel. Even respective date blocks can be decorated with meaningful small clipart to make it more appealing and eye-catching.

Now you as a photographer can also showcase your photography skills by clicking product photos of your clients and then adding them to their corporate calendars on each month’s page. For example, a food manufacturing company or an interior designing company would want their product or interior visuals respectively to be shown on their corporate calendar pages, so you as a photographer can visit the company and click their photos and then add them to the calendar.

In this way you can practice your photography skills and at the same time get the opportunity to earn more with your design and photography work.  


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