Collage making has been in presence for many years and as time went by collage designing became more of a craft than as an art. What is a photo collage – A Photo Collage is a beautiful arrangement of different photos into one single frame that looks like a collection of photos.

If you are a solo photographer or running your own photo studio, you must be noticing that a lot of people come up with their photos of various events like weddings, birthday parties, or vacation outings. Their requirement may be to keep those photos in front of their sight always so that they can cherish these memories forever. So you as a photo editor would suggest them to have it as a photo collage that can be hanged on a wall or kept on the table.

Making a photo collage nowadays is very easy thanks to many free apps that one can find online. So as a photographer these online apps can be a threat for your collage-making business as they can cut down your source of income. But with a simple and easy collage-making software like DgFlick’s CollageXpress can help you design any type of collage within minutes thus multiplying your photography business.

But do you know? You can be a trendsetter in the industry of collage designing by adopting a new style and feel of a photo collage that is a “Jigsaw Photo Collage”. Now you may be wondering what is a Jigsaw style photo collage, A Jigsaw Photo Collage is an interesting way of giving the photo a puzzle-like effect over the image that makes it look very unique and quirky.

Jigsaw photo collage designing can be a new source of income for your photography business as this is soon going to be trending and even you can join the bandwagon and upscale your business as well as income.

Jigsaw Puzzle photos can be a great option to choose as a gifting purpose for various occasions. And you can suggest your customers to go for a trendy jigsaw photo collage rather than the classic photo collage. In this way, your complimentary suggestions can act as an advocate as the happy customer would recommend your art of work to their friends and family members. Thus giving you the opportunity to earn more with more such orders of jigsaw puzzle collages.

If you are a photo studio then you can give your customers the actual feel of solving a real-life puzzle with their photos embedded on a cardboard and then cut into puzzle pieces. This can actually be a fun time family get-together activity where the members can solve the puzzle pieces along with reliving those happy moments.

Here is how You Can Create Jigsaw Collage Photo On CollageXpress Software

· Make a Collage of your favorite photos on CollageXpress and save it as an image

· Then Import the same Collage image here through ‘Photos’

· Add a Jigsaw Mask on the Photo

If that sounds tricky then watch our complete tutorial Click Here


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