A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by a couple, presentation of a gift (offering, rings, symbolic item, flowers, money, dress), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or celebrant.

Traditional weddings are not only known for a three day affair but a great amalgamation of friends and family members coming down to celebrate the new beginning of newly married couple.

When we think of traditional weddings the only thing that comes to our mind is long and blissful myriad of rituals and traditions followed by showering of blessings from elders and well wishers. Traditional weddings are known for great hustle and bustle of groups of people with their so called traditional attire beaming at the photographer that clicks their happy faces.

Wedding photos are a big junk of memories that will be cherished for lifetime. That's what makes these special occasions more pure and serene that traditional weddings are carried out with a pinch of modern outlook not missing out the good old traditions and rituals. When it comes to capturing the wedding incidences and storing them as a memory for the years to come.

A good but unforgettable wedding album is a must. Setting those happy faces with amazing attires in adorable poses that were clicked during the entire affair requires a photo album design software.

These photo making software can help bring life to an album, highlight the picture and transform them into an incredible story. Carefully composed photographs are the best possible way to preserve the memory of your wedding day. A well-designed wedding album would allow you to relish your memories in the future like no other.

India is said to be an incredible and diverse country because of its wide variation of people with different culture, tradition, languages, caste and religion. Whether you are following any religion one thing can not be denied is that wedding especially in the traditional format is considered as an auspicious festival and preserving these events becomes very important. That’s why a proper wedding photo album designing software is a must that is cost effective as well as it is up to the make with the latest technological advancement.

Photo album design software like DgFlick has the ability to present the wedding images in the best possible way not losing out the look and feel of the actual image that was captured during the day of the nuptials.

Album making softwares are very easy to understand and implement with variety of options to try out. Even wedding album design software like DgFlick  has some of the world class features that can turn ordinary pictures to fabulous one’s.

The best albums are fully customized and curated for every wedding.

In case you are planning a traditional Indian wedding album template, there are certain practices that you need to follow for the best results. It is very important to understand the meaning of every photograph.

You will have to be very careful as to how you frame your photographs, what you display, and how you display the couples. Make sure that the photographs of all the couples are highlighted to create an album that includes only the happiest and most memorable moments of the wedding. Covering Up Photos It is very important that you cover up all the embarrassing photographs in the wedding album.

Indian traditional wedding albums includes three basic elements Background images, Family photo, and the wedding album cover and related events. This works best in professional photography studios but it is quite expensive and sometimes go off budget so a better option is to opt for a photo album design software.

The best approach to make this, that’s what you need to take care of first is to pay a lot of attention to the photograph of the family photo. This is very important not only for the right mood to go along with the wedding but also for showing the entire family.

The family photo should not be too big but we recommend you pay extra attention to the children as they are the main element of your wedding day. So, it is essential to pay attention to the correct light and angle.

Album making software like DgFlick can some attractive and interesting templates that matches with the mood and facial expressions of the couple and family members.

  • We have templates for all the events right from the pre-wedding to the last vidhi. With DgFlick which is a album making software that can help you set and arrange different wedding photos into the right look and feel backdrop.


  • Album Xpress Photo editing and album creation software has so many templates and volumes for various traditions of Indian weddings.Every corner of India has been incorporated to these volumes with different styles,cliparts,maskings and even frames.

  • One can also make posters and invitation cards with DgFlick album making software.With this photo album design software you can add different intricate pattern, layout and frames to your photos.

  • There are unique and interesting mask and cliparts with wide variety of collection of motifs such as diamond, flowers, chandelier that gives an artistic look to the entire photo.

DgFlick can add different layers in the form of effects such as main image as the backdrop followed by small meaningful images in the foreground.

  • Black and white effect or mixed colour effect is a new style that many couple’s are selecting for their wedding album.

         Now you can create and make creative and beautiful traditional wedding albums easily with

          DgFlick software albumXpress Pack.


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