Making Imposition Really Easy

Imposition Xpress makes preprinting process easy by giving-

  • Easy workflow
  • Auto split, rename and resize
  • Multi size ready packages
  • Output to JPG and PDF

Auto split, rename and resize

Multi size ready packages

Output to JPG and PDF

Batch Color Correction

Batch color correction offers basic color correction tools like BCG, RGB adjustment. It -

  • Adjusts album pages according to the color gamut of the printer
  • Avoids bad printing
  • Saves time

Batch Resize, Split and Rename

Go for accurate output with

  • Automatic accurate resizing
  • Instant splitting with advance smart split tool
  • Easy renaming for accurate imposition and binding

Get Started with Ready Packages

You get packages for-

  • Simplex for single images
  • Duplex for I cards, greetings
  • Booklet for books, albums and calendars

Variety in ready packages helps to

  • Reduce paper wastage
  • Save manual imposition time
  • Maximizes profit

Use inbuilt ready packages. Software has packages for different paper sizes and for different printing articles types.

Create Packages According to Requirement

Easy package creation with

  • Selection of imposition and binding type
  • Define print size
  • Define gutter space
  • One click print tumbling

Aid for After Printing Process

Easy cutting with cut marks on packages

Easy binding with file name printing option

Suitable for JPG and PDF printers

  • You can get the packages in JPG and PDF format. It helps you to printfiles on both types of printers.


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